Owner - JS PT Health Studio

Jack has helped many people from all different backgrounds over the past few years and is still keen to help many many more! With his uniques skills from past backgrounds and new information combined, he is able to bring exciting ( and strange) techniques into his sessions. He always understands the needs of any client having worked with a whole host of individuals. Whether that be from a pain perspective or training perspective.

Jacks beliefs are purely come from the experiences he has already had in the health industry from past roles with large companies and his forces background. Giving people somewhere that they can come to and not feel ' different' , nervous, anxious and uneasy was always at the fore front of his mind when having the studio. Helping people to become more confident, to move better, but most importantly just enjoy exercise is a number one priority of his.

'We want the area to be better because we are here.'


Level 4 Personal trainer

Management of lower back pain

Gp Referral

Anatomy in motion - All levels

The Crew

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    Client Care Advisor

    Liz has had first hand experience of the work that goes on in the studio as she has been on her own amazing journey. She has done Amazing!

    Most people don’t get to meet Liz in person. She works hard behind the scenes to make sure everything is in order, running smoothly and that people are looked after from day one.

    If you’ve ever messaged us than you have more than likely been in the hands of Liz and no doubt she would of give you lots of help and a great service!


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    Transformation coach

    Kate has been with the studio for a number of years now as both a client and now, an important part of the team.


    Having come full circle from a personal journey of results, to now helping others work through their struggles and achieve the results they want.

    Being a busy Mum and Nanna, Kate has been and does go through all the struggles ladies take on through work life and family life. Having someone who can relate to what others are going through and giving them the self belief they need to make the next step in getting results is vital. Sharing tips, advice and being the open ear people need if they want to get through the ups and downs of working on a goal.

    Rather than constantly preaching about broccoli and carrots, it's important there is honest, real advice from people that have been there and done it.

    You can read Kate's story here.

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    Transformation Coach

    Sharon has also come full circle in her journey from client to coach.

    After first taking part in a 6 week program the studio did with the staff of a local primary school, Sharon pursued her health and fitness with the studio.

    Now fast forward, Sharon has had some big results and changes in both her life and the others she has a part of.

    Sharon also deals with the pressure of work life and family life whilst making time to look after herself, her fitness and her health. Again having someone to coach you who deals with the all the 'the normal' day to day stuff most go through.

    You'll see Sharon's journey in our success stories!

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    Ricky Challinor
    Transformation coach

    Something I strongly believe in when we use the word exercise - it should be well planned and something that we enjoy doing!

    My aim is to create a positive and fun experience for our clients, As an international athlete that competes in long distance running I like to use my knowledge and training techniques within my sessions as I know it will bring some very positive results. I have competed in my discipline for the past 12 years so have a vast amount of knowledge to all the different types of training and love sharing this with people.

    My education has all been sport science based and I find the human body fascinating - This led me to further my skills to become a professional sports masseuse and sports nutritionist.

Free 7 day meal plan!

Free 7 day meal plan!

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Free 7 day meal plan!

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Get your 7 Day Meal Plan Now!

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