Keeping well and safe during the 2 week lockdown

We are back facing a much shorter lockdown than previous, but still we need to make sure that we look after ourselves and each other to get through it, no matter how long it is.

What we do have in our favour is the fact we have already experienced it and can try to armour ourselves with the things we can do to stay safe, well and healthy.

Since the last lockdown we have been asking clients what they have learnt, what went well and their struggles from the last lockdown.

And we have put them together here in topics to hopefully help you.


Having a routine


How that works for you, is down to you.

Whether its doing your daily walk, daily exercise, meal times, working, chilling, sleep… Try to have a similar routine with it, whether thats decided the morning of on how you feel, or thats the whole 2 weeks planned out.

We found having set timings for our online workouts helped people know they had something in their diary.




Whilst things will be changing, everyone will find themselves in different scenarios.

More time, less time, seeing family, not seeing family, more time to cook, more chance to exercise, less/more work etc.

What we must not do is compare ourselves and what we are doing to others. The scenarios that differ is not what we see.

We just see what they have got done. This can leave you feeling deflated, de motivated and depressed.

Set yourself some targets and work on improving what you are doing daily without comparison.




It’s easier said than done, and now especially when we are restricted.

We all know how imperative good quality food is for our mental health, mental clarity and brain fog.

Keeping hydrated and eating well will give you such a boost over the next 2 weeks in every aspect of health.




Could we really write this without adding exercise??

Again imperative for our mental health, exercise is key.

However your choice of exercise comes down to what you want and how you feel. A walk, yoga, HiiT, weights… anything.

Keeping active but also trying to get some time outdoors is going to help for many reasons.

  • You need a break from being in the same 4 walls
  • Fresh air and natural light help beat S.A.D ( seasonal affective disorder)
  • Heart Health
  • A break from work.




Join our Facebook group, set up a What’sApp group with friends/family, call colleagues.

Try to keep in touch with people and keep talking.

Whilst all these help, you need to make sure you are not too hard on yourself.

Try to set a plan for the 2 weeks and try to have something to look forward to each day to keep you going.


As always, If you need any help, support or even just a chat, then please drop us a message straight away.

Or join our free facebook group which will have workouts, recipes, meditation and more in.