I am 30 years old and currently work part time in a Co-Op store 41 miles away.I had my little boy last year, he is 15 months old now and into everything. I am looking at getting fitter and healthier for my little boy so I can run round with him but also i am getting married next year so that also gives me some motivation.

Whats changed?

I was struggling to fit exercise in. Around working different shifts, travelling to work, looking after Finley and his naps as I couldn’t see me being able to do them with him around.I’ve now found if i do the early workout at 7am Finley tries to join in with me so I can now do at least 3 classes a week.

What have you found and still find tough during lockdown?

I still find it hard to remember to log/track my food, but I know when I log my food I stick to what I have planned.

Talk us through a day? or a daily routine? whats happening, who does it involve, what does it involve? or is it done day by day?

My day starts between 06:00 and 06:30 (earlier when working) and Finley normally wakes by then. I set up to do a workout at 7, give Finley his milk and put on fireman Sam which he watches while I do the class in the lounge. He tries to join in mainly when doing anything on the floor. We then go for a walk down the hill and back up which is 2 miles in all by 9 o’clock we are having breakfast ready for the day.

Whats helping you get through lockdown? or whats been a big help so far?

Not much has changed for us during lockdown as we are still out working as me and my partner are key workers. I have found having the support from everyone in the group, Jack and Kate checking in has really helped me see that I can get things done. I just need to plan a bit more, before I would be lying in bed watching cartoons with Finley just wasting the morning now we are up and about feeling so much happier.

What piece of advice would you personally give to people in Lockdown to help?

Plan your time and day. You can have enough time in the day and children can help you with what you want to do 🙂


I hope this can help.

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