Covid 19’ Lockdown and my Mental Health

One of our team (Kate) has put together her thoughts and take on the situation from the perspective of a Mother, Wife, Daughter and Coach. It’s very honest and hopefully can help inspire others.


So we’ve found ourselves in this surreal situation.

So many questions and thoughts running around in my head. Devastated I can’t see my daughter and her new family. Going from having the little fella twice a week to nothing. He is my lifeline, my reason to get up in the mornings and the reason I want to stay fit and healthy. I don’t like my own company. I don’t like quiet I need constant noise so I don’t get caught up with my thoughts.

I’m worried of the opportunity to go back to old habits.

Not many people know that a few years ago I developed an eating disorder, Bulimia to be precise (I couldn’t even do that right, put on so much weight instead of loosing it) lots of things going on in my life some of them being positive too!

But where did it come from and why?  Marriage is good both kids happy one just about to get married so why do I have this chaos in my head. Over 18 months of CBT. Still having to put strategies in place….something that will always be with me, my first thought when things aren’t going to plan and I have no control….just like this situation. My saving grace now at this present moment is I have the two fellas at home so its not easily disguised when you only have one toilet. Binging and purging is something i have struggled with but continue to work on.


With this, planning is key so boredom can’t set in. Not being able to go out as I planned beforehand as we knew it was coming. Got paint stain and cleaning products etc. Wanting to give the house and garden some much deserved TLC. The lockdown began as so did  the DIY.

We were busy setting up everything so we could continue with sessions online and provide support for our clients at JS-PT Health Studio. At first being at home was a novelty, everyone happy, both fellas working from home and set up office upstairs. I cleaned pottered painted cooked baked and exercised, I’ve never been so organised. I could get used to this. Way of life had calmed down, I seem to have more time to get on top of everything. Not worrying about picking or dropping stuff off for family and friends, not worrying if I can’t visit that day…..feeling guilty if I don’t. Happy days… brain is calm.

Or so I thought….

Bored tired craving a little sweet fix….moving from one job to the next not actually finishing any.

Woke up Friday, miserable with no desire to do anything other than sit on the sofa watching TV. Cant even stay in bed as the bedroom is the husbands temporary office! All I could think of was another day cleaning up after everyone, more dishes to wash more clothes to wash more meals to prepare as all of a sudden i’ve turned into maid……cabin fever has well and truly kicked in. Getting that look as if your still sitting there or the odd comment with of “busy I see” or “you not doing anything today then?”. In the end I went to bed early.


Saturday arrives, same feeling as Friday. Its going to be a long day! Feeling very anxious irritable and snappy, just waiting for the one comment that will push me over the edge. What time will it happen? What trivia thing is going to set me off? Just being in the garden wasn’t enough, I need to go out, but I know I can’t. So we watched a couple of movies on the Saturday night but I couldn’t really concentrate so I went to bed.

Woke up Sunday, and I actually wasn’t feeling that bad. So I decided to get up and make the most of the day doing jobs outside in the fresh air. I cooked a nice tea even made some good old fashioned raspberry buns like my nana used too for after tea!

In the evening I thought about the past week, reviewed it and what could I do to prevent it from happening for the further minimum of two weeks we have left in isolation. For the week just gone I had no plans set, I had left it purely to chance. Meals, exercise, me time and constructive work.

It started off positive but after a few days it was short lived. I’m no good without a plan….I need to see it in black and white. Have structure. So I sat down and filled in my schedule for the following week, work, meals, jobs around the house and for some me time. Sorted.


So from the support of the online sessions and check ins from JS-PT Health Studio I have put pen to paper and worked out what route to take during the lock down and for the future. How can i keep working on me and keep getting results?

I’ve learnt some very positive strategies that I have put in place so now they are just part of my daily routine. Its all down to me, I’m in charge.

I have plans set for day to day, short and long term, I’m doing well with both me and work. Making sure I have some me time has become an important part of my life, whether its just a cuppa and sit down for 10 minutes in the garden or a bit of meditation its just for me…The one thing I find important is fresh air, getting out and enjoying the surroundings. Creating some headspace to improve my focus 🙂

My biggest achievement of late is having the Studio take a leap of faith and giving me the opportunity to enjoy, progress and qualify in a career I never thought was on my radar.

I look forward to learning more as every client we have is individual with their own personal journey.  I look forward to working with people who want to improve their health, fitness and mindset. Watching and coaching people as they say I can’t turn into… I can. Seeing how proud we are of them and they are of themselves!

So its Wednesday of week 2.

My plans are set, in place and my results are good , my mindset is great. I’ve achieved what I have set out so far and my foods are good. I’m going out for a 30 minute walk and leaving my phone at home whilst obeying the distancing rules.


Have a plan so there is routine. Speak to people. Stay positive. Ask for Help –  Available at if need be.

Stay safe everyone

Kate xx



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