Do you feel hungry when you are dieting?

When we reduce our food intakes we also have the inevitable increase in likelihood of HUNGER.

And hunger is probably one of the biggest contributing factors to why people flip out and go ‘off track’ when it comes to their nutrition.

What can you do?

Here are 5x ways you can reduce the impact of hunger on a day to day basis…

1) Increase Protein intakes per meal
2) Increase Fibre intakes per meal
3) Hydration
4) Consume lower calorie dense foods
5) Evaluate your hunger levels
6) Evaluate your calorie intakes

Let’s go a little deeper into those areas…

1… We know that having a good quality source of ideally lean protein can help you feel fuller, and also fuller for longer! Aim to include a good protein source in every one of your meals throughout the day…

2… Fibre is an indigestible part of our diets which help again to keep us feeling fuller for longer (ESPECIALLY when combined with higher protein intakes! THAT’S the gold standard!)

3… A dehydrated state can lead to an increase in the likelihood of feeling hungry, or wanting to snack. This is a SUPER easy one to implement day to day from here.

4… Consuming lower calorie density foods can essentially help you consume much MORE food, but for LESS calories. We have posted before with the example of comparing gram for gram the amount of soup you can consume vs takeaway pizza. You can essentially eat WAAAAY more soup than you can something super calorie dense like pizza for the SAME cals. MORE food for the SAME cals = less hunger!

5. Evaluate your hunger levels means ACTIVELY and MINDFULLY asking yourself the question ‘am I really that hungry’? A little bit of hunger is always going to creep in at some point along a weight loss journey especially. If you have the tiniest of rumbles in your stomach at the moment, do you REALLY need to open the family sized bag of Doritos? Or can you wait an hour for your next meal??

6. If you have addressed all the above, and your hunger is regularly too much for you, it may be a simple case that you’re being overly restrictive with your nutrition intakes. In short- you’re consuming too few calories. Do you REALLY need to aim for 2lb per week loss and therefore have a -1000 cal deficit per day? Could you aim for 1.5 or 1lb loss instead and therefore have an additional 250-500 cal to play with on a daily basis?

Try one of the options above and see how you get on.

And as always… if you need any help, want more info on this then just get in touch with us.