A year of gadgets, big stars and new methods to get results has taken over 2017.

With all the technology and access to help we have available, you’d think the health stats would make pleasant reading.

Its still the biggest question, why with all this help and the information available are we not the healthiest we have ever been?

Anyway, we are here to share with you the best things from this year and whats going to be important in 2018.


Technology wise Fitbit, Apple watch, Garmin etc have been the biggest ‘gadget’ to have in 2017 and we are huge fans of these. How accurate the information is depends on each model but the more and more they develop it with the technology available it won’t be long until it is able to track and monitor everything! and we mean everything!

The ability to just wear a watch and not run/train with a big phone in your pocket as well as keys etc is just so easy!


There is no way we could write this without mentioning the man of 2017, Joe wicks, The body Coach. 

Now…. what he promotes eating wise and his methods are questionable BUT, He’s actively helping millions of people get involved in eating better, exercising more so a big hats off to him. You can’t argue that he’s positively trying to make a change.


Times are always changing in the health and fitness industry.

Whether its the newest diet, best gyms, best DVD’s to buy there is and ALWAYS will be conflict. 

The amount of people who have a coach/ personal trainer/ therapist has risen. Its always been seen a luxury to have one of these but now the times are changing again. We believe because its instant information, its support, its the accountability.

Having someone there to answer everything and to push you when you lose your motivation.


For us, the biggest thing we have taken from 2017 or the biggest eye opener has been with peoples mental attitude or health.

It is THE most important of a health and fitness journey.

Its a very awkward subject for most, but its also 100% guaranteed that when your in a good space mentally everything becomes easier, clearer. So what can we do to help people with this….


Looking ahead to 2018….What can you expect?

Well, for us it’s going to be the last point.

Finding out what people really struggle with and helping them with that, reason being is things are clearer, its easier to focus and people become truly happy.

We also believe that the technology available to us will of course be advanced again and soon we will have absolutely everything we need to get the results we need… As in all areas covered. Heart rate zones that tell you to speed up, slow down. Telling you to get up and get this exercise done. Logging of foods via a picture and more!

The one thing that will need to be added from the user??  doing the work.


Take your time. Take it slow.

Work out exactly what it is you want, why you want it, and why busting your balls is going to be worth it.

There is always going to be more and more information available to us, its down to us to use it.

Moving forward for us, we have some exciting new user platforms, special guests, more accountability and extra workshops focusing on the likes of nutrition, strength work and keeping your body happy for our members. This way we have absolutely every area covered.

So, Here is our TOP TIP FOR 2018… Take things at your own pace, and make sure you put yourself first!

Simple Right? 

If you need some help or you just need a little plan to get started then apply for one of our Free Transformation Sessions Here