We are quickly closing in on 2018, and this is the time of year that people often set themselves up to fail with weight loss, fat loss and generally becoming healthier.Β 

Having goals and plans is important but this is a very strange part of the year, and way to go about what you want.

SO… new year resolutions…

Most of the time we decide that we want a change a happen, want to look different, do more of one thing, less of another etc etc.

But these plans are to solve the issues that people currently have or have had for a while.

So the big question is why would you want to wait until a certain date to start?

If this is the thing you want, why not start working towards it now?

Why put it off if you know it can change the way you feel every day?

Boost your happiness

Improve your quality of life.

Why would you want to sit back and wait until the 1st week of the year comes to start working on yourself?

If it doesn’t motivate you enough now to start, why is it going to last in January?


If you want to set some goals, plans, resolutions then do them for now.

What do you truly want?

What don’t you want?

Why is it important this lasts?


We see a lot of people in the studio who come in for help and don’t know what it is they really want, and often this is the reason why nothing seems to work or is easy to stick to.

How can you aim for something if you don’t know what you want?


If you want to make this year the year when you get the results you want and feel like you need…

Then start working on your behaviour and actions on a daily basis.

Setting goals is easy, doing the work and changing the way you act to get the results you want… now thats the tough part.


Are you ready?