Feeling low, Anxious, Depressed, on edge, low self esteem.

These are all very common issues we see with people when they come into the studio.

But other than medication, not a lot’s being changed in day to day habits to help.

Everything comes from a past event, something thats been said, something you’ve seen. Whether its been through a life event, failing at something, not hitting targets, being labelled something by another person, a school event, beliefs from your family.

All these are reasons behind why people feel low, depressed and can never seem to find lasting happiness.

Speaking from past experiences, i don’t truly Believe you can completely erase that trigger BUT people can create coping strategies and ways to manage your stress – whether that be physical or emotional.

How can men and women cope or manage this then?

Being in control of your thoughts, taking action when you feel good is vital.

1 – Time on your own – Whether this is using a meditation app, doing some breathing techniques or just going for a walk. Its really important that you find time for yourself and have chance to relax.

2- Be around positive people or people you enjoy being with – Being around people you enjoy spending time with or that bring out the best in you is so important as you will be bouncing energy from each other. Whether this is part of a group, going for a brew with a friend or taking the kids out, find something.

3 – Have a flexible to do list – DO NOT set yourself loads of tasks and pile pressure on yourself. Set yourself a list of things you need to get done for the week, then break it down into smaller chunks. For instance, if you say i want to go the gym 3 times a week, then you end up going 4 then thats fine. You will have days though when you don’t feel like doing anything, so don’t do the opposite and set yourself a target of 7 days.

4 -Eat well – For our bodies to function well, avoid illnesses and add to the struggle already then we need to be eating well. Feeling run down can come just purely from not eating good, nutritious foods which pack our bodies full of vitamins and energy. Ditch the sugars and opt for the greener, whole vegetables and quality cuts of meats.

5 – Log your thoughts – keep a log of what you are doing daily,fill it in at night what you have done, what you have enjoyed and what you are grateful for. Noticing things and being grateful is so empowering.

Not all of these points will work, but try to find 1-2 that can have a positive affect on you and how you feel!

Its important to understand that we do have control over our thoughts and everything we do does affect them or change us.

If you want help, feel your not in control or just want some guidance then feel to get in touch with us