Had a conversation with someone yesterday who was constantly bringing up…. ‘ yeah there meant to be good, but there not are they because of too many calories.’
Now, TOO many calories is bad yes.
But all of a sudden now we seem to be in a world where we eat less and less on good days, and then go over board on some days.
I would say absolute MINIMUM 80-85% people i see (both male and female) are not eating enough.
Its always the case they are under eating massively, and like the picture says, looking for lower calorie options for everything.
This might upset a few people…. but drinking copious amounts of fizzy pop is never going to do you good, no matter what diet your on.
Low calorie or whatever.
People dont fully understand the food labels, but yet are following them by saying yeah low fat, ooo diet, well this one is better because its low calorie.
You might think, well 200 calories is a lot, well it is a little yeah, but that shouldnt put you off.
Those 200 calories are going to feed your body, give you energy and decrease the likely hood of you grabbing a chocolate bar.
Always be wary of the little phrases, slogans that are slapped on foods and wonder why they are there