Lets get straight to the point.

Many people dread times like these, long weekends, temptations etc.

You’ve done so well and you don’t want to undo it all.

Well, i kind of expect our clients to go out and enjoy themselves.

This is so important!

Go out have some chocolate, have a beer… BUT

Make sure you know when you are done, your back on track, your planned ready to go.

Otherwise this is where you fail, feel guilty, spiral out of control.

You don’t set a date, right, monday I’m back to it, I’m going to enjoy this weekend, then back to it.

You will be more focused, your results will benefit this and you won’t have to fall off the wagon.

Or of course,

Theres always the way to do it like most do it…

Im drinking vodka because its less calories, G+T because this is the healthier option.

Thats no fun is it?

And most of the time after the ‘healthier drink’ you end up eating crap anyway?

SO… main point is, set times out when you relax, when you can go easy BUT make sure you know when your back on it and what you need to do!

Have a great easter 🙂