Is Sitting up straight the reason for your pain.

I hear it pretty much every day.

‘I always try to sit up straight in work.’

But is sitting up straight and forcing yourself to be in a certain position actually helping you?

I’m going to try to keep this as simple as possible so go with it…

Our bodies create habits, and patterns every day, picking up on anything new we do.

Even just the way we walk to the shop, this can get engraved on the body and have a impact on the way we are set up, and move.

When we experience pain, its because something, somewhere is not completely happy.

IF your body is set up to use some parts more, then things are going to change, but this doesn’t necessarily mean we will be in pain. We can still operate whilst things are ‘ out of line’ or not centred.

The best phrase i have heard that relates to this is the straw that broke the camels back.

Your whole body could have taken knocks, hits, injuries over the years and forced the body to move in a different way, yet it can still operate.

However it can just be 1 small step from crashing or you being in pain.

imagine your body picks up the habit after a ankle injury on the right foot, of not putting enough weight into the right foot.

You have injured it, the body recognises this and thinks… ‘ well i don’t want to do that again’, and then stops putting so much trust in the foot, meaning that it won’t put as much weight into that foot.

SO from here we have someone who doesn’t move their weight equally between their 2 feet.

This then will impact on every single step they take.

What happens at their knee, hip, spine, ribs, neck can also be affected.

If someone can get their weight into their right foot then they are going to lack the ability to rotate or side bend as much.

If this person works in a office environment then lets say he is experiencing lower back pain.

He sits down, but has aches in his back so then sits up straight, pulls shoulders back and gets on with his work for 45 minutes until his back is becoming uncomfortable.

He then goes for a walk, but again can’t get his weight out of the left and into the right.

He then sits back down and pulls his shoulders back, sits up straight and does another 45 minutes.

No matter how many times you try to keep a good posture, it will eventually work its way back out, or your body just gives up of holding itself in a position for so long.

Sometimes the good work you are trying to do by holding the shoulders back etc could be putting more stress on joints which are already stressed.

Yes being sat down all day will have effects on your body to, but you need to keep moving.

Some key things to think about…

Are you comfortable walking around?

Is sitting all day uncomfortable?

What can you put in place to get yourself up and moving?

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