Eating pizza can seriously help your health….. not quite 🙂 ( I wish)

Something that has become really apparent lately is how much our thoughts can work against us in strange ways.

The human being is a weird specie… Fact.

But often we criticise ourselves, beat ourselves up and trip us up.

Here is what happens…

We eat something naughty.

We then immediately feel guilty.

Sometimes hide it, chuck it away.

Because we then feel guilty, we then have a little more.

Then tomorrow.

Before you know it you have gone 2 days and completely fell of the wagon.

Take this for example…..

You go out for a night out and end up getting slozzled.

The next day your rough and only thing that will stop you from falling apart is greasy food.

You have the greasy food.

Then the next day is Monday, you have no food ideas, or meals prepped.

You start Monday behind because your then unprepared for the days events.

It then takes you until Tuesday to get back on track.

How about this….

Go out on Saturday night, eat crap Sunday.


And its a huge but.

Get stuff prepped for Monday, know what your doing so you can just get straight back into the swing of things.

If you know that your foods haven’t been great, but you are still on track as the next day you know exactly what you need to do fitness,food wise to get closer to your goals then your brain will be much more prepared.

Stop beating yourself because slowly you are chipping away at the hard work you have done.

Accept there are going to be days when you might slip up, but its being prepared for this that is going to get you better results.

I tell all my clients to expect to have at least 1 slip up during their program, thats life, shit happens.

So… Stop feeling guilty after eating certain foods ( unless your doing this daily, not exercising etc)

Having what you want every now and again is going to help you massively on your journey rather than avoiding and creating temptation.

You just need to be prepared, accept things will happen, and just get on with it.

Only you will make you lose focus

Only you will pull yourself off track.