Personal training – the expensive, luxury item to doing some exercise.

This is the belief a lot of people have, and in some cases, its actually spot on.

Paying someone to take you through a workout and getting you sweaty.

There is nothing in the 2 words that actually says exercise or fitness.

Its just training.

Everyone at some point in there life would of done some sort of training, work, children, relationship, sport, school etc.

Can i just say what Personal training, well should mean, or at least what i perceive it to be…

Personal training has one big outcome or needs a big outcome.

And that always is to progress, better yourself.

No one wants training to stay the same ?

Its training that will move you forward, for most people its because they can’t do it themselves, which is fine.


‘PT’ is not just about lifting weights, running, sit ups.

its training you as a person to be a better version of you.

So, this means you operating at the best you can, feeling the best you can, looking the best you can, sleeping well, having lots of energy, enjoying life.

Its not just exercise at all.

Until everything is sorted in all aspects,


Then you will never get the full result (hence yo-yo dieting)

Try losing weight while your stressed out to the max.

Try looking forward to exercising when you can’t sleep properly.

Enjoy work when you are in pain every time you have exercised

Personal training for me is taking every single bit of information from someone, looking at what needs changing to help all the key areas, and then making a plan.

I’ve worked with and still do, work with people and do not lift any weights, get sweaty, run round at all and achieve amazing results.

Are you not seeing results?

Then take a look at everything.

I can’t seem to lose the weight.

Hows your sleep ?Shit
Energy? i need some please
Stressed at the minute? All the time

Try fixing these points first and reap amazing, and i mean huge results.

Are you just go through the motions of exercise ?

Just turning up to the gym to do a workout and leave?

Can you look over what your doing at the minute and pin out other factors that could be stopping you from moving forward?

Again, this is why we review EVERYTHING, because its important, and we care….. i mean really care.

This is why we are not your Average ‘PT’s’

Want some help?

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