This time of the year is so so dangerous for everyone keeping fit and healthy.

Lots of temptations and treats.

Its also a time for excuses to crop up, but are these excuses something you do each year?

1 thing i am certain on is that you should enjoy christmas, all the treats and sweets that come with it, i know i will be.

But its about learning how to enjoy all the yule log, chocolates, beers, wines and still see results. ( yes this is possible by the way)

What i am already starting to hear a lot is waiting until January.

Now, we are 1 month away from christmas.

If you are 100% sure that you want a certain result, look healthier, feel healthier, tone up, live longer, then does time matter?

Yes i want results, but i can wait a month or so first.

What people don’t realise is they will go backwards over this month and fall further from there target, and when January comes, you will spend all the time working off JUST what happened in December.

So now you find yourself 2-3 steps behind.

Putting things off is a fear.

Until the fear has gone, then you will never reach the goals.

I’ll wait until Monday, Next week, Next year just means…

-Im not sure if i actually want this
-I have no idea how to get there
-I am fearful of starting up and what others will think

Question, Why is January always a better month start rather than December??

DO your end goals mean that much to you that you need to start straight away?

If so, do this…

Plan what it is you want.
Go shopping and get some foods in
Get yourself out walking, down the gym or hire a coach.

Everything we do just comes down to how much effort we are willing to put into something.

The effort will come from how much you actually want it.

Be different, leave the group of the January people, do it for you and make the first step forward today.