Recently we created a little 21 day challenge.

The 21 days was for people who wanted to lose a little weight, sleep better, tone up, and just generally feel better in themselves.

The 21 days was also free, no strings attached, Free.

Loads of content given, videos, workouts to do at home, recipe books, the works, crazy right.

This is the interesting fact. Out of everyone that did it… less than half of them actually stuck out the 21 days, not 100% religiously, but stuck with it.

When i say less than half, i mean probably close to half of that.

So whats the point?

Well the point is this.

Hardly anyone wants information do they?

They just want results.

We physically gave everyone as much as we could, even daily motivational emails, just the only thing missing was us doing it for them or them having something to motivate them.

So although everyone is always looking for a deal, a freebie, discount. Is this helping us?

The people who finished the 21 days had good results, 1 even lost half a stone!

If people are offering you freebies, are they even helping you? Do you need something that attaches you to it to make you work harder?

I was honestly shocked to find that even with the free information people didnt use it, how crazy is that!

Let me ask you…. have you ever had success from something free, or usually when you have invested something in it?

This is exactly why after christmas our free Transformation sessions, will no longer be free.

We are hoping we can add more value in it, and once someone has bought this, they will use the information better.

The transformation sessions at the minute are however still free at the minute, so if you want to grab one before the price changes, then click here.

Free isnt always best ( these are though ๐Ÿ™‚ )

This will be the best freebie and the only freebie you will benefit from ๐Ÿ™‚ just saying…

Are you always looking for free things, and never seem to be getting any closer to where it is you want to go???Freebies_01