I am going to be honest today and just put this out there.

It’s something I see a lot and know this 100% goes on.

The good old motivational quote – the pictures – the sayings – the videos.

It’s really easy to post these.

But does it get you anywhere.

Posting these motivational quotes for some is acting as a mask. Something to hide behind.

‘Maybe if i am posting these, people will think i am doing this or that’

Its also something people use to mask their confidence problems/ or fears.

Now this is were it can be serious.

From what I have experienced, I would say at least half of the people posting these images, either give up, don’t action anything or take the next step to getting what they want.

This is not a dig, far from it.

There needs to be action taken on anything we do. Without the action then there will never be a progression.

If you post something to inspire people then great, use it to motivate yourself to take the next step and action whatever it says on the picture.

Only a tiny percentage of the job has been done by posting something, in fact it is only just the start.

If you truly do fear moving forward, whether it be because what people will think, thinking you don’t deserve the results or just simply not knowing what the next step then this is something different.

A huge amount of us fear what others think, its crazy to think we live our 1 life worrying about other peoples thoughts and don’t worry, I have been there. And honestly probably at some points still do.

You can have the greatest intentions to inspire people, but then your own fear is stopping you from moving forward.

If you want to know what the step is, want to move forward or just simply want someone to reach out to then please do.

Often our Transformation sessions are largely spent helping with these points.

You can claim your Free Transformation session by clicking here

Or if you just want to chat, message me, jack@js-pt.co.uk 🙂motivation

Next time you go to post, think about the message you are sending out, and also, am I actually doing this myself?

Now I couldn’t let this post go without a little qoute 🙂

“Practice what you preach. Then, once you are done practicing, do it for real.”