There is 5 things most people over look or miss out on when they are trying to achieve fat loss.

Here are the 5, if your doing 1-2 then try to build all of them into a routine.

If you are not doing any, then just start with one.

  • Over training – This can be taken 2 ways. Over training in the sense they are simply doing too much, and over training as in they are putting their attention into training rather than foods. Its really easy to slip into a mindset of training takes care of your foods. ‘Well if i go train twice today that will make up for the shit day i have had food wise’. Sometimes you can fall victim of this for a long time and not realise until someone points it out for you. DO NOT think that a poor nutrition can be covered up by 5 classes a day.
  • Not Eating enough – Now this is becoming more and more apparent. Not eating enough can leave your body running on empty, starving it self and potentially start storing fat rather than losing it. This doesn’t mean eat every hour and everything in sight. If your stuck or think you are doing everything possible, then don’t be afraid to ask or seek out advice from a coach.
  • Stress – This will probably get scoffed at, but good luck with your fat loss if you have internal or external stress issues.What are these? they can come from work, home, events, thoughts, situations, poor foods, past diets, gut health issues, Thyroid troubles and more. Stress isn’t just someone turning grey. Find ways to relax the mind yes, but also look at healing the gut and providing a relaxation strategy for your whole body.
  • Knowing what you are doing – sounds silly, but logging your progress, knowing exactly what you have done and are doing will help you when you hit a wall results wise. If you hit a wall and just say I’ve tried everything, then thats no good. If you have things logged then you can pull apart the information and find out the exact thing thats holding you back. Sometimes it is blatantly obvious when you look at it this way.
  • Being persistent and showing up – The biggest part and toughest part. Commitment. This doesn’t happen over night, this doesn’t take 2 weeks. Its about showing up and doing the right things over and over again. Commit, take action, take more action, stay committed and then reap rewards.

Doing these 5 things regularly will provide you with results.

Maybe one of the above is the thing thats holding you back?

Try them 🙂