Here is some tips and advice for all aspects of health and fitness… You cant go far wrong implementing these tips.


1. These boots were made for walking – walking is massively under estimated and is yet one of

the best things we can do. Not just for our bodies but for our mind and stress levels. Aim to

get out and about walking once a day even if just for 5 minutes.


2. Sugar were going down! – Eliminate foods that contain high sugars, fizzy drinks, majorly

processed foods, sweets etc. There is only going be one outcome if not.


3. Exercising in a group or with a partner -having the camaraderie or buzz with other people is

a huge motivator which will lead to you increasing your effort and in turn results. Struggling

on your won, then simply ask a friend to come with you to push you and motivate you.


4. Berry good – introduce as many different types of berries as you can throughout the week to

constantly mix up the different nutrients, vitamins that you will get. Even try the one’s in

which you don’t like mixed with others to hide the taste!


5. Talking to yourself – Speaking to yourself is not crazy, motivate yourself, big yourself up to

yourself. If you want something then tell yourself what it is you want and then go get it.

Positive affirmation is the key to being motivated and successful.


6. Juicing – Juicing every now and again is absolute fine and will mix up the way your body

receives foods. Ideally, the best time to have a juice would be early morning as its quick and

you are able to get much more nutrients in this way.


7. Mix up your exercises – Do not stick with the same old routine. you and your body will both

get bored. Keep mixing it up and doing something different to keep your mind and body

happy. you can’t change if you stay the same.


8. Coconut oil – Start using coconut oil in smoothies, when frying, in protein shakes to help

with digestion, skin, hair and stress. You can even add it into your bath!


9. Going green – Try to have at least 2 greens per day. Easiest way in the morning is either

omelette, scrambled eggs, or a smoothie. The dark leafy greens are full of vital nutrients and

vitamins such as chlorophyll and other vitamins which can help lower blood sugar and

nourish your digestive tract.


10. Write your goals down – Write down what it is you want to achieve and have it somewhere

you see them a lot. It needs to be something visual so you can start seeing it without

knowing, in other words you will sub consciously be thinking about them all the time which

has been proven to help you reach your goals.


11. Read a book – Not only is it fun, it is also brain food.nourish your brain with small challenges

to keep it healthy and young. A good tip to get yourself focused in the morning is to read a

couple of pages backwards to get your mind and brain switched on.


12. Getting up and down – sounds so simple but we lose the ability over time to do this and do it

well. For a change every now and again sit on the floor or practice doing ‘get-ups’ to improve

your movement.


13. Lifting weights – lift weight to help the body in the future with arthritis, osteoporosis etc. It

doesn’t have to be big and heavy, just small amounts of resistance work should be added in

each day whether it is in a gym or not is different.


14. Get your compound moves in at least once a week – hit the big movements to gain even

more ‘gain’. Squats deadlifts, pull ups, bent over row, bench press, shoulder press, leg press.

Include these for the ultimate workout.


15. Smoothies – quick easy way to fill up on your fruits and veg and also have a quick breakfast

on the way to work. Its the best way as you can just chuck in whatever you like and play

around with tastes. Here is some great recipes for smoothies


16. Sleep! – Sleep is huge for everything above and below this. It alters and has a affect on

everything. optimal times to try to get to sleep are around 10:30 to go to sleep and wake

around 06:00-06:30.


17. Water – now this is a big one. its usually just recommended that you have 2 litres of water

per day. But here is how you should work out how much you actually need.

Bodyweight in kg x 0.033 = in litres how

much water you need.


18. Exercising in the morning – my best routine for in the morning needs to be a good HIIT

session. It should last for around 20 minutes and you will know about it when your done.

Aim to hit as many muscles as you can, get moving about in quick fire time to get the heart

racing and blood pumping.


19. Shut down before bed – You should aim to take anything from 15 – 30 minutes to shut down

any electronic equipment, phones, TVs and wind down ready for bed. This allows the brain

and body to enter sleep mode rather than doing what everyone does and switches phone

off and gets in bed. Then they try to do the shut down process in bed which results in getting

worked up because of lack of sleep.


20. Eating raw foods – this can help you with all sorts of digestive issues. Raw foods have a

special digestive enzyme in them which helps with acid reflux and GERD. By raw foods, we i

mean raw fruit and veg, peppers carrots etc. Please don’t go out and eat 3 raw chicken



21. Give – giving is the most powerful thing to do. It would be nice to give away £100 right? but i

don’t mean it like that. Giving some one a extra minute of your time, giving them some help,

giving them a smile ( not advised to direct at the opposite sex when out with partners.)

Spread the happiness


22. Adding supplements – I mean natural supplements as well. like fenugreek, mint, lime,

lemon, cinnamon, cranberry, bochu, fennel, chilli, basil. All the good stuff that are

sometimes just used as ornaments.


23. Hill sprints – great first thing in the morning. When mixing training up, be sure to get outside

and try some hill sprints, minimum 6 rounds that should last 30 seconds roughly, obviously if

its a huge hill then vary times and round, unless you are in beast mode that day 🙂


24. Eat locally sourced foods – i know its hard nowadays but there are places like local butchers

and fresh fruit and veg grocers who do grow their own, you just need to get out there and

look for them.


25. Sexy time – believe it or not sex has been shown to lower blood pressure, ease tress and

tension. Research has shown other benefits to other illnesses as well. As well as putting a

smile on your face.


26. Being around positive people – you are the average of the 5 people you hang about with.

Seeing and meeting up with friends also relies tension and decreases blood pressure. It also

releases good hormones and electrodes within the body. Its also a natural stimulant to

promote feelings of happiness


27.  3 meals a day? – yes there are limits as to what you should eat calorie wise and macro wise

for different results, but as a basic… if you are hungry then eat. Do not starve yourself.


28. Food choices – Opt for home cooked, fresh foods rather the pre packed processed shit you

get in the supermarkets. Preparing and cooking foods is a tradition that should be done. Not

just so you know whats going in them but for self purpose and satisfaction.


29. Snacks – Don’t be afraid to snack through the day, snacks are good. There is loads of good

snack bars available now as well as your usual fruits, nuts etc, heres a link to some great

snacks –


30. DONT GO FULL HIT – hitting it head on can sometimes results in failure. Why? because you

have the best intentions to do something but then when things get tough, its easier to jack

in. Give yourself some slack, allow the odd beer over the weekend, do not restrict yourself

completely unless you are training for a comp or something obviously.


31. Reviewing your goals – its always good to look back over the last few months and see how

far you have come. Are you on track? are you progressing? This isn’t to be hard on yourself,

but to help move forward at a much quicker pace.


32. Meditation – now this isn’t always like most people think, with loads of floating magic dust.

It can simply be done by just getting 5 minutes to yourself or by using a app on your smart

phone. I personally find this really useful. Here is a good app to get you started….


33. Avoid eating 5 pieces of fruit – latest research has shown that just 2-3 pieces is enough

through a day.


34. Food sensitivity test – if you suffer with food intolerance’s then try to seek a good

nutritionist and possibly look into having some tests done to try and help the situation.


35. Take care with medication – Now  i know its there to help, but please search for natural

remedies if possible or be aware of the side effects certain medications can have.


36. Circuit training – If you are still using circuit training then thats fine, just mix up your session,

random times, shorter breaks, heavier weights, one more exercise than normal. Just do

things that are different.


37. Eat organic when possible – Eating organically is the best route where possible. The foods

are meant to be pesticide free and therefore give your body the highest quality nutrients

and vitamins. Here is where we get all our fresh fruit and veg from that we deliver to our clients houses.


38. Dark chocolate – fancy a naughty snack, then here is something good to use. Have 2-3

squares of dark chocolate to feed those cravings. Always aim for a cocoa % of 75 and above



39. Eating breakfast – now i don’t care if you have heard else where, you need to eat breakfast.

Whether that be first thing in the morning or on the way to work. You need it. People prefer

it straight away ( me) others may have it a hour later. Just have something.


40. Avoid big gaps in your day – look over your day and note to see what times you eat at. The

length of the gap between these need to be kept short. Avoid going hours on hours without



41. Drink Alcohol – what. did. you . just. say!   yep you heard it, reason being, you need to have

things you can enjoy. If this isn’t alcohol then replace it with food out or something. By this i

mean work hard and then enjoy the rewards. You need to give yourself a little reward to

keep the mind focused, just as long as it doesn’t overload and take over.


42. Yoga, stretches and all the good stuff – no matter what your goals, you should always try to

get some sort of stretching, mobility work and flexibility work in your week to keep supple

and moving well.


43. Avoid pain by checking in with yourself – starting to ache or get a twinge? then this is a

warning sign you may wish to take note of and get sorted. Listen to your body. It can’t speak

directly to you but it does have it ways of letting you know when something isn’t right.


44. Freebies! – use the likes of podcasts and video blogs as much as you can to get the latest tips

from the biggest stars!


45. Flavoured water – Add lime/lemon/mint/cucumber to your water to give it a refreshing taste

and also get alkalising! This is great for those people who struggle with the taste of water or

find it boring. Use the formula in number 17 to work out how much you need.


46. Flaxseed – this is great to sprinkle on oats, granolas, sales, in foods, in water. Its a great

source of good fats and oils. this can come in milled versions or even in a oil so choose what

suits you best.


47. Use technology – use apps to keep food recalls of what you have been eating and also for

exercise. track your lifts, and progression. Here is a good one HERE


48. Ignore BMI – Don’t listen to the BMI. its false. it doesn’t take important things into

consideration and often will just leave you feeling negative. Aim for your goals that you

want, not what someone else thinks!


49. Replenish after exercise – so now you know what your water intake should be, you should

add at least another .5-1 litre of water extra on top after a good workout session. Amounts

do vary but as a rough guide that is ok to go off 🙂


50. Breathing techniques – breathing is so important, not just in functioning, but in relaxing and

allowing our muscles to work to their full potential. Spend 2-3 minutes a day focusing on

your breath. You should breath through your diaphragm and stomach rather than your



51. Eating meats – mix up the meats you eat. Sometimes the stranger the better. Theres loads of

different meats packed with different good fats and proteins that are different from your

chicken and turkey. Try some venison, kangaroo, buffalo, boar and mix it up.


52. Hire a trainer or coach – If you are motivated, skilled, and have the right knowledge then do

this alone. However just hiring someone can take the guess work out of things and

ultimately save you money by you not having to start drinking shakes to lose weight, or not

reading a magazine to do a exercise from to add muscle.


53. If something isn’t working then change it – are you still in pain afters years of treatment?

are you still in the same place you were last year? then don’t be afraid to change. You can

save yourself loads of time and effort by spotting this early and deciding that you need to

change what you are doing. You and your results are the most important thing.


54. Egg whites and yolks ( you gotta be yokin me) – there is loads of different views on this as to

whether you should eat the whole thing or separate it. I am going to simplify this and make

it easier for you….. eat it all. there is little evidence now to support the separation other than

taste. if you prefer just one half then thats fine but don’t be scared of eating it all.


55. Excuses excuses –  Stop using excuses to get you out of doing things that will help you

achieve the results you want. We are our own worst enemies at times in the fact that we

stop ourselves from getting what we want!


56. Don’t beat yourself up –  If you are constantly tracking results and seeing progress then

great. But if a day comes and you don’t see progress don’t go and train for a extra 3 hours.

Just think why, accept it and move on. Holding on to the negative and focusing on it will only

lead to stress and a decline in your performance.


57. Taking the stairs in work – Next time you are in work and have the decision to either take

the lift or stairs, then just make it a no brainer and take the stairs. It might be tough but

there is only one way it is going to easier and that is get up and down them every day your in



58. Being happy –  No matter what your doing you should always be happy. Don’t do something

that doesn’t make you happy. It is de moralising and is a quick route to losing interest and

therefore giving up quicker.


59. Barefoot feelings – This is something that must be seen as important and done often. get in

touch with the earth, get your shoes and shocks off and spend some time barefooted. I

spend most days in the studio in barefooted as it allows you to connect and move freely.

Want to go the extra mile? Then try to spend 5 minutes each day standing on real grass and

earth barefooted.


60. No time for exercise? –  Every one is busy, but if you normally lift weights and want to put on

muscle but cant make the gym each day, then opt for a simple push, pull, Legs routine. This

way you can get all the major lifts in, hit every part of your body and not lose any results.

Exercises are split through anything where you need to push – bench press for example, Bent

over row for pull.


61. Stuck in work – If your stuck in a office all day then try to set yourself a goal of getting up

every 45 minutes for 1 minute and just stand up, move around, make a drink, just get up and